AC/DC Black Ice Tour @ Giants Stadium

When I headed out of work on Friday evening the weather couldn’t have been worse - I made my way to the subway in the middle of a torrential downpour. I was disappointed about the rain given that the AC/DC show was at Giant’s stadium – but in true rock and roll fashion, the show must go on. However, as luck would have it the rain subsided by the time the first opener took the stage.

The stadium was packed with fans, a majority of them were wearing the red blinking “devil horns”. The show began with a video in which Angus was depicted as a devil riding a train that appeared to be out of control. Angus had to decide whether to jump off the train and as soon he did – CRASH! A huge train burst onto the middle of the stage as AC/DC opened with “Rock and Roll Train” – the crowd went wild. The rest of the set was pretty much a blur – filled with face melting guitar solos, confetti, fireworks, and too much fist pumping. This is a tour that should not be missed, and an opportunity to see one of the greatest rock bands of all time.