Majors Serving It Up?

Sony Music

iPod. iTunes. iPhone. These are just a few examples of products that have shaped the entertainment industry. Apple’s products have consistently kept consumers on their toes and encouraged people to embrace new technology platforms. It looks like Apple is about to change the music industry again.

Rumor has it Apple is teaming up with the four major labels (Sony, Universal, EMI, Warner) to create a new format for downloading music that will package entire albums with additional content/features. The unofficial name given to this service is “Cocktail”, and it seems as though Apple is looking to integrate it with its rumored upcoming tablet device. Cocktail would allow consumers to access an interactive bundle of material after downloading music – including lyric sheets, photos, and liner notes that users could navigated outside of the iTunes player.

Apple, as well as the four major labels, are hoping that Cocktail would encourage users to stray from the downloading of singles and head back to downloading of the full album. It is evident in this digital age that the sales of albums are no longer bringing in the amount of revenue they used to – hopefully Cocktail will change that. Another positive outcome is that artists will be more likely to put out a better product that is polished from start to finish with the expectation that consumers will be interested in buying the album.

We will keep you posted as more details continue to surface. I’ve got high hopes for Cocktail’s September release, and since today is my 21st birthday – I’ll drink to that!